Tea Party done taught me 10 things

10- Americans are Taxed Enough Already, in neon colo(u)rs.

"Drill here, Drill now" with a picture of the Gulf of Mexico.

9-America is in decline and must be restored to its former glory.

Note that "restored" America has obliterated Canada.

8- Tea Partiers don’t hate jihadists. Indeed, they support their stay in Club Gitmo, an all-inclusive, air-conditioned jihadi daycare. “The food at Club G’itmo beats the taxpayer-provided lunches in the infidel’s schools. Plus, [they] provide students with all the tools needed to worship the god of their choice, free of charge! Every check-in gets a Koran and prayer rug!”

7-The Tea Party is open to Hispanics. As long as they are legal and show no untoward signs of being Hispanic.

Guy in background was on Home Improvement!

6- The economy has been so badly affected by Obama’s presidency people can no longer afford quality sign-making materials.

The boy in the middle is Russian, to his left an Israeli. They could barely speak English but their indignation toward wasteful spending was palpable.

5- Obama is not American unless proven otherwise.

I pointed out that Obama is American, regardless of where he was born. My point was irrelevant to this Cuban, as are the differences between communism, fascism and socialism... "Obama is going the same thing Hitler did, the same slow changes that Castro brought to Cuba..."

4- Making a black man dress as Obama and wear giant ears for a crowd full of white folks isn’t racism – it’s fun!

3- Political signs make a statement. Children holding political signs make a more emotionally powerful statement.

2-In the land of the free anyone can protest. You can even protest tea party rallies and wear pro-choice T-shirts. You may, however, have to answer to the police.

"What is this, a Harper rally?" I heard her ask, in my imagination.

1- If you’re going to hold a rally, you need something to attract protestors, so know your demographic. Be sure to hold your right-wing rally in an environment protestors will feel comfortable, a place they’ll be naturally drawn to. If there are no trailer parks in your vicinity, and Nascar isn’t available, any upscale dining establishment will do.


3 Responses

  1. Fascinating! And scarey….
    There’s no way you can reason with people who don’t understand logic.

    • Good thing we sent you down there to check these things out and explain them to those of us at home.

  2. […] the spirit of autoethnographic blogging, I went back to the car to get the camera so we could document this experience. It's like […]

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