Hot Pants on Wheels: Roller Derby Explained

I think it was on the third lap, watching the girls skate round and round in hot pants, elbowing and shoving each other, that I decided roller derby is my favourite sport. “Size matters” in roller derby, or at least that’s what was proclaimed from the back on one of the bigger girl’s hot pants. As far as I could understand, two teams of 6 girls skate around in circles. One “Jammer” from each team starts behind the rest of the pack and tries to get through and pass the other team’s members in order to score points. The bigger girls try to block while a tiny “Jammer” girl tries to squeeze her way through the mass. These girls were fast, tough, and half naked. They were cheered on by a mob of supporters who looked more like Harley Davidson owners than your typical Sunday morning hockey crowd, which may explain the totally reasonable price of beer.  So goes local life in Florida.

After dashing madly about the continent this last month I decided to spend the weekend in Jacksonville à la local Floridian. Luckily there was beach festival on Saturday, along with a 5k marathon called “Never Quit,” sponsored by the US Navy. Turns out the US Navy kicks serious military ass. First, a group on them began the run by parachuting out of a helicopter along with a giant American flag. There are times I find American patriotism overbearing and somewhat menacing.  This was not one of those times. Standing on a gorgeous, hot beach, this was one of those times that I love America for all its over-the-top jumping out of planes cheesy fries awesomeness.

Of course the military side was never far away, since a banner over the event’s stage read: “Life, liberty and the pursuit of all who threaten it.” Luckily I had visited a local Arts Market that morning where I bought a couple of left-wing buttons. So I showed up to the Navy event with: “Vegetarianism, Peace for all who live” stuck to my floral sundress. I did however leave my “Peace is Patriotic” button at home.

In other exciting news I got a Kindle this weekend. Max claims to have bought it for me as a reward for all my hard work learning German, but it might have more to do with all the times I’ve made him carry backpacks full of books on vacation. More on that when I’ve had some time to try it.

Pictures of this weekend’s fun (including the snake we found in the parking lot) are on facebook:


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