A Fool’s Celebrations

I have good reason to celebrate and lots of time to decide exactly how. 

I could, of course, quit my job and backpack across Central America.

I could visit the Mayan Ruins at Tikal, and climb the thousand year old temples that peak through the jungle skyline. I might even lose my way, and stumble across monkeys, lemurs and wild turkeys in the forests of the lost world.

Then again, I could also buy a one way ticket to Belize, and spend my days waiting for the sunset and my nights lounging in hammocks, waiting for the night to turn back into day.

I could become a Swiss German magnet, and befriend them all until I start rolling my R’s too. 

I would snorkel with sting rays, and a hundred turtles and a million sharks. If I could I might even put my hand out to touch the shark on it’s warm, fleshy belly.

My Valentine’s Day would consist of inviting myself along to a honeymooning Israeli couple’s romantic lobster dinner. We would all have a rather pleasant time and things wouldn’t get at all awkward until I invite myself over to their hotel room for a hot shower. They oblige, naturally.

I could take up residence with attractive sweaty men in my hostel room. They would deal with the steamy Carribean nights by sleeping in nothing but the tightest of underwear. 

I would make Danish friends and we would dance to a Belizean rock band’s version of American pop music. 

Unable to sleep at night, I would spend my days hammocking and starring out at the ocean with a lazy dog named Lady. 

But that’s what I did last week. So how am I supposed to celebrate getting accepted to Law School at McGill?








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  1. what a hard life …. keep it up!

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