Monkeys Could Do This

My last boyfriend was good at exactly two things.

Folding laundry, and putting the duvet cover back over the duvet.

Being able to perform exactly two domestic tasks ultimately proving itself to be insufficient – we broke up.

So now I find myself having to fold my own laundry and put the duvet cover back on myself, wishing I had actually learned his techniques, rather than perfecting my eye roll through his laundry lessons.

So master his skills while you can ladies, because there’s no point being free and single if you’re trapped inside a duvet cover, choking on duck feathers.

Extensive study of photographic record has thus far failed to uncover secret laundry folding technique


3 Responses

  1. This appears to be done lying down while watching television. Since I, myself, really only have one domestic skill – laundry – I can sympathize with the guy, or at least I could were it not for the fact that he folds laundry while lying in bed watching television. Surely that should be illegal or immoral or something. Not a trait you would want to emulate, my dear.

  2. Or you can do like Sheldon does and get one of those fancy t-shirt folding thingy…lol

    • Who’s Sheldon? Who’s Eric?

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