Weird shit Americans say to Canadians: Post 1 of 5000

“Canada? Really? I visited a friend in Vermont just last summer. And Bill doesn’t your old college pal live up in Montana? What’s his name again?”

“Tommy. Right, he is up in Montana. Right near Canada.”

So goes many a conversation with an American, who, bless their friendly souls, always go through pains to pretend I, the Canadian, don’t come from some lost-backwater-frozen-skating-rink of a country they can find on a map simply because they know it’s slightly less awful than Alaska, while clearly thinking that I come from some awful frozen wasteland that, were they to give it any consideration at all, might actually be worse than Alaska.

This may not be the case everywhere in the USA, but in the South (my experience being of the Floridian variety), people seemed to go through pains to think of the most northerly place in the US they’ve ever visited, or a friend has visited, or had heard had running water and electricity. Were they afraid we didn’t have anything else in common? Were they afraid that letting a Canadian steer the direction of the conversation would inevitably lead to a rant outlining the endless benefits of state-run health care?

Bill actually turned out to be a pretty nice guy, really. From Indiana. Which is funny, I pointed out to him, because I was on a plane once sitting next to someone from Michigan. And this guy was really worried about getting cut off from his health insurance company…

Shit Americans ask Canadians


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