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The One Where the Man Gets Damned
November 15, 2012

This week I got into an argument with my Internet service provider over whether I would have to pay a fee for cancelling my services. When I first signed up they said there was no contract – but when I asked about cancelling they said I’d have to pay $100 cancellation fee. I insisted that they never told me about the fee. They agreed to go back and listen to my first call.

So a few days later Mindy from evil company calls me to say that there was indeed no evidence that I had been advised of the fee. Evil company was therefore graciously willing to split the cancellation charge with me, so I’d only be paying $50. If I wasn’t happy with that, Mindy kindly pointed out that the company would have no problem sending me to collections.  Apparently it was my responsibility as a consumer to inquire as to whether evil corporation was willing to screw me for cancelling my service in anything less than before-I-die. After numerous kind words exchanged on both sides, Mindy finally greed to have her manager call me back.

And so I spent the next hours furiously reading over the contract provisions in the Quebec Civil Code and ignoring all my actual law homework relating to the contract provisions in the Quebec Civil Code. Eventually I came across this little nugget in the  consumer protection act: No costs may be claimed from a consumer unless the amount thereof is precisely indicated in the contract.

Not wanting to confuse them with my superior knowledge of the bargain theory of consideration, I diligently highlighted a list of simple provisions and articles from the Civil Code to use in order to tell evil corporation how badly they could go suck it.

When Mindy’s manager finally called me back I had my arsenal ready and waiting.

“Ms. Hazlett?”


“Hi. This is Ben from B2B2C. We’ve decided to let you cancel your contract without paying the cancellation charge.”

And so I swallowed my articles and provisions, and thanked him for his  consideration.

But what would have happened had I not been a law student with a pretty good idea of my contract rights and where to find them?

At this point my legal knowledge has saved me exactly $100. Eighty some more arguments like this and year one is easily going to pay for itself.

So I return to stressing about the latest assignment/quiz/memo, still high off the taste of consumer protection justice.

Recently, I was reminded of this winning attitude when I asked one of my classmates whether he too was stressed about our intense workload.

“Of course not. I worked so hard to get into law school I’m not going to stress about anything now that I’m here.”

Which reminds me of my favourite mad cow disease joke, where one cow asks another cow if she’s stressed out about catching the disease:

“Of course not. I’m a bunny” answers the second cow.

In conclusion, I know nothing about law school, and B2B2C is the worst.


If you could be any insect which would you be?
November 1, 2012

I think I’d like to be a worm and be rid of back pain

I think I’d like to be a fly and never have to chew

I think I’d like to be a butterfly and fly south every winter

I think I’d like to be a beetle and make a solo album

I think I’d like to be a firefly and have everyone else be jealous of my shiny butt

I think I’d like to be a spider and eat all those bugs above that have it better than me


*Another post from my little brother James.