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That was the Mexican trip
July 12, 2013

So I tried to bring the K-pop to the Mexicans and the Mexicans didn’t want it.

It happened at Xochimilco, an indescribable little town with Aztec canals full of brightly coloured boats. I planned to share photos of it but Mexico planned to steal my camera so it seems imaginations are in order.

All the other boats had adult gondoliers but ours was manned by a couple of boys.

Every time I leave Mexico City and return I become even more horrified by this place and it’s constant noise and smells. But then I remember that I can by 50 cent tacos on every street corner and I’m okay until I’m not hungry anymore.

Hyukin (pronounced Huggin) is a Korean who speaks Spanish and knows all the moves to Gangnam Style and once spent the day on a boat with me horrifying Mexicans with his dance moves and enthusiasm. The Mexicans were so happy they invited themselves onto our boat and made away with my camera.

I’m telling it all wrong. It was a wonderful day. There was pizza and beer and dancing and 12-year old Mexicans getting drunk and 17-year old Mexicans being drunk and we only had to haul her face out of the river once.

On the way home Hyukin confessed that he searched through everyone’s bags before we left the boat. He never found my camera.

So it was wonderful. Mexico is always so excessively wonderful.

Google Stock image is a sad replacement for fotos with friends

Google Stock image is a sad replacement for fotos with friends