I began this last blog in April 2011 l as “Emily in America” while living in Jacksonville, Florida. I wrote a lot then, what I hope were funny, lighthearted accounts of my travels and tribulations in the USA. Leaving Florida, I continued to write about my travels in Germany, Guatemala and Mexico.

I’ve been in Montreal since 2012, learning about the law, eating poutine and scaling mountains.


March 27, 2004



2 Responses

  1. Great entry, Emily. But so many American cities have no centre. I think Oklahoma City was the most sinister I’ve ever seen. We were looking for a restaurant and there was NO ONE anywhere, just pavement and skyscrapers. It was completely dead! Not even a snack bar or something where one could inquire about a restaurant. Finally, after driving around, we arrived at the site of the bombing, and there we found a few people putting teddy bears on the wire fence, etc., and a policeman who informed us that there was ONE restaurant in the area, that had just opened in a refurbished warehouse!!

  2. Thanks Annette. Rereading this post it sounds much angrier and more depressing than I had intended. It just seems such a shame to build such horrible cities in such beautiful, warm places.

    This is a great video about suburbia!

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